Doug Horspool Photography - Glamour and Fine Art


‍     I shot my first nude photos in 1976 in a hotel room in St. Thomas.  I was using an Asahi Pentax Super Program and, I think probably Kodak  Plus-X, black and white, ISO 125, 35mm  film.  I positioned my model (my girlfriend at the time) behind a sheer drape that I shot through, with the sunlight behind her and the drape reflecting light that modeled around the front of her body.  We were both very shy, I think, but I got some very nice and soft images (that are now, unfortunately, lost).

‍     In the 80s, public bikini photo shoots became a thing around Los Angeles, and I attended many of those, learning what to do (and what not to do) and how to shoot from other photographers and some of the local perverts.  I have very few of those photos, but on this page is one scan that I kept.  I don’t know the name of this beautiful model, but I’m pretty sure she was a UCLA cheerleader at the time.  I shot her at a few of these shoots, and she was one of my favorites.  This photo was taken in Santa Monica on the beach.

‍     I moved to Bangkok in August of 2015 upon retirement, and I’ve begun to explore nude and glamour photography once again, attending workshops and hiring local models to work with me in Bangkok studios.  I think my work has matured, artistically, although honestly, I’m still a little shy working with nudes, especially the professional models that come here from Eastern Europe.

‍     A friend asked me, recently, “Isn’t a little weird being in a room with a beautiful nude model?”  My response, “You have no idea!  I have to constantly check that my background and my camera settings are right, that the model is positioned the way I want, that her hair/clothing/props are in place, and that there are no extra distractions in the frame.  Yes, it’s weird, because she’s nude and beautiful, and I’m not thinking about anything but the work!"